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Fast and pure desolation
Lust the blood in my brain
Hard and dry destruction
Wet under the neutron rain
Die in this holocaust
Scream the deflect attack
Burn before we reload
Strees before...
The power blast
War! A command for blood
We scream
Die! Nothing less than
Death we creep
Storm the only weather
Start the directives assassins
Warm inside the under shelter
Wait and fell your broiling skin
Hot oz one disappear
Blight in the atomic detention
Rats it's a survival breed
Destroy with deflagration
I have one track it's to kill
You'll never stop me
Running my evil way
With radioactivity
My machine comes at night
Missiles they stike
Save your life in the dark
For the loud attack
Hey! Nuclear war!
I'm really up tonight
For my last ride
Never returning at home
I'm gonna die
The war machine is not save
And I can't escape
When the bombs will hit
My face, it will drive me insane
Number of times played live


Most recent performance

Mar 3, 2012

Circo Volador
Mexico City

Live performances

Mar 3 2012 Circo Volador
Mexico City (Mexico)

Jun 23 2011 DOM Helsinki
Helsinki (Finland)

Jun 18 2011 Pas Perdus
Cap aux Meules, Quebec (Canada)

May 17 2011 New York Club
Vilnius (Lithuania)

May 15 2011 Progresja
Warsaw (Poland)

May 13 2011 Music Hall Exit Chmelnice
Prague (Czechia)

May 12 2011 Collosseum Club
Košice (Slovakia)

May 11 2011 Club 202
Budapest (Hungary)

May 10 2011 Arena
Vienna (Austria)

May 8 2011 KSET
Zagreb (Croatia)

May 7 2011 Rock 'n' Roll Arena
Romagnano Sesia (Italy)

May 6 2011 Init
Rome (Italy)

May 4 2011 An Club
Athens (Greece)

May 1 2011 Plateruena
Durango (Spain)

Apr 30 2011 Ritmo y Compás
Madrid (Spain)

Apr 28 2011 Sala Fanatic
Seville (Spain)

Aug 14 2010 Vojenská pevnost Josefov
Jaromer (Czechia)

Aug 9 2010 Rescue Rooms
Nottingham (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Aug 7 2010 Rock Planet
Cervia (Italy)

Aug 6 2010 Hauptstrasse
Wacken (Germany)

Jul 25 2010 Kaliakra Stadium
Kavarna (Bulgaria)

Mar 4 2010 Trocadero Theatre
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America)

Dec 12 2009 Club Soda
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Sep 13 2009 José Cuervo Salón
Mexico City (Mexico)

Aug 29 2009 John Dee
Oslo (Norway)

Aug 14 2009 Club Teatria
Oulu (Finland)

Jul 25 2009 Huerto de la rueda
Murcia (Spain)

Jul 17 2009 Impérial de Québec
Quebec City, Quebec (Canada)

Jul 12 2009 Areál likérky R. Jelínek
Vizovice (Czechia)

Jun 5 2009 Norje Havsbad
Norje (Sweden)

Nov 8 2008 Bâtisse Industrielle
Trois-Rivières, Quebec (Canada)

Sep 21 2008 CLUB CITTA'
Kawasaki (Japan)

Sep 20 2008 CLUB CITTA'
Kawasaki (Japan)

Apr 27 2002 The Docks
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Apr 25 2002 Sonic Unyon
Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

Oct 28 2000 University of Canberra
Canberra (Australia)

Oct 26 2000 Corner Hotel
Melbourne (Australia)

Oct 13 2000 Lee's Palace
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Mar 22 2000 La Laiterie
Strasbourg (France)

Mar 21 2000 Binario Zero
Milan (Italy)

Mar 15 2000 E-Klub
Budapest (Hungary)

Mar 8 2000 Markthalle
Hamburg (Germany)

Oct 5 1997 Spirit of 66
Verviers (Belgium)

Sep 6 1997 Babylonia
Ponderano (Italy)

Sep 1 1997 Cabaret du Musée Juste Pour Rire
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 3 1996 Galaxy
St. Louis, Missouri (United States of America)

Nov 9 1996 The Abyss
Houston, Texas (United States of America)

Oct 30 1996 The Masquerade
Atlanta, Georgia (United States of America)

Oct 28 1996 The Brewery
Raleigh, North Carolina (United States of America)

Sep 7 1996 Vinyl
New York, New York (United States of America)

Aug 11 1996 CBGB
New York, New York (United States of America)

Aug 2 1996 Agora
Cleveland, Ohio (United States of America)

Jul 27 1996 Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (United States of America)

May 25 1996 Vliegbasis Welschap
Eindhoven (Netherlands)

May 19 1996 Jaxx Nightclub
Springfield, Virginia (United States of America)

May 18 1996 Twisters
Richmond, Virginia (United States of America)

May 11 1996 Bernard's Pub
St. Louis, Missouri (United States of America)

Apr 30 1996 Moody's Lounge
Portland, Oregon (United States of America)

Jan 23 1996 The Old Cosmo Complex
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)

Nov 21 1995 Mafia
Reggio nell'Emilia (Italy)

Nov 17 1995 Die Röhre
Stuttgart (Germany)

Sep 4 1994 Phoenix
Chicoutimi, Quebec (Canada)

Aug 27 1994 Quartier Latin
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jan 25 1994 Avalon
Chicago, Illinois (United States of America)

Jan 12 1994 Peppermint Beach Club
Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States of America)

Nov 4 1993 Café Campus
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Oct 18 1993 Kennel Club
San Francisco, California (United States of America)

Oct 14 1993 The Roxy
West Hollywood, California (United States of America)

Sep 26 1993 The Bayou
Washington, District of Columbia (United States of America)

Sep 24 1993 Fast Lane
Asbury Park, New Jersey (United States of America)

Sep 16 1993 Flash Gordon's Nightclub
Cleveland, Ohio (United States of America)

Nov 28 1987 De Kriekelaar
Schaarbeek / Schaerbeek (Belgium)

Nov 13 1986 Zeche
Bochum (Germany)

Oct 12 1986 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Oct 11 1986 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jun 13 1986 Fender's Ballroom
Long Beach, California (United States of America)

Apr 5 1986 The Ritz
New York, New York (United States of America)

Nov 30 1985 Le Paladium
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Aug 21 1985 Vieux-Port de Montréal
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 22 1984 L'auditorium De La Polyvalente
Saguenay, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 21 1984 L'auditorium De La Polyvalente
Saguenay, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 20 1984 Auditorium de la polyvalente Charles-Gravel
Saguenay, Quebec (Canada)

Nov 7 1984 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jan 27 1984 Centre Culturel
Jonquière, Quebec (Canada)