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Live For Violence

Armed with a knife in hand
This is my law
Flowing blood on the end
Drink it, drink all
Brought up in hell
Depends on action in agony
Gaining force casting spell
Enduring death
Ah! Never die young
Fight for my sound
Ooh! Betrayers keep out
Of my sight
Live for violence
Yes I live for violence
In the midst of attack
Warrior we fight
Like a savage in a cage
See it, see me
I keep my distance
For my self preservation
Dead line to meet
Beholder I'm in pain
Cold blooded war
Manipulating all
Battle controls
The Violence is loose
Adenalin shoots
You make me high unwittingly
We whip the flesh
We give you the best
Destroyer call
Not bad after all...
In the midst of attack
Warriors we fight...
Manipulating all
Battle controls
Nombre de performances en concert


Performance la plus récente

1 Dec 1987

Rex Club

Performances en concert

1 Dec 1987 Rex Club
Paris (France)

27 Nov 1987 Scum
Katwijk aan Zee (Netherlands)

22 Nov 1987 De Koog
Noord-Scharwoude (Netherlands)

21 Nov 1987 Knopf's Music Hall
Hamburg (Germany)

7 Nov 1987 Festhalle
Tuttlingen (Germany)

6 Nov 1987 Rössli Azmoos
Sargans (Switzerland)

4 Nov 1987 Alexandra
Copenhagen (Denmark)

3 Oct 1987 Le Classique
Quebec City, Québec (Canada)

19 Sep 1987 Ildiko's
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

6 Sep 1987 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

15 Nov 1986 Scum
Katwijk aan Zee (Netherlands)

13 Nov 1986 Zeche
Bochum (Germany)

13 Jun 1986 Fender's Ballroom
Long Beach, California (United States of America)

5 Apr 1986 The Ritz
New York, New York (United States of America)

21 Aug 1985 Vieux-Port de Montréal
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

8 Feb 1985 Le Vélodrome
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

22 Dec 1984 L'auditorium De La Polyvalente
Saguenay, Québec (Canada)

21 Dec 1984 L'auditorium De La Polyvalente
Saguenay, Québec (Canada)

27 Jan 1984 Centre Culturel
Jonquière, Québec (Canada)