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Walking down an alley
Deep in blue neon
A dead end for today
Under skyways worn

Concrete from far below
Rising up above
Surrounded by shadows
Garden without gods

All are strangers alike
All riding the blind
The purple of blind
The purple of their eyes
In reverie unwind

Circling sub-city
A rainbow appears
To calm down the fury
To calm all the fears

This random occurrence
Is only a sign
Of the incoherence
In the clockwork mind

A symphony of our time
Recalling the past
People in a decline
Denying the vibrations we're made of

Somber drama
Rolling down hill
All is so still
Anyway, anyhow
Anyhow, anyway

End of all reason
Is what I go through
Yes, it is what I go through

Slip-sliding nation
Is what they must do
Yes, it is what they must do

Over the greying landscape
Under a deadened sky
Sitting on a mountain
I will stand aside

As I am a witness
I turn a blind eye
I am feeling helpless
But it passes by

Is this a modern legend?
Maybe a fairy tale
Just a future requiem
Cutting along the fiction that we're
Made of
Number of times played live


Most recent performance

Mar 25, 2011

Teatro Caupolicán

Live performances

Mar 25 2011 Teatro Caupolicán
Santiago (Chile)

Dec 12 2009 Club Soda
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Sep 13 2009 José Cuervo Salón
Mexico City (Mexico)

Aug 29 2009 John Dee
Oslo (Norway)

Aug 14 2009 Club Teatria
Oulu (Finland)

Jul 25 2009 Huerto de la rueda
Murcia (Spain)

Jul 17 2009 Impérial de Québec
Quebec City, Quebec (Canada)

Jul 12 2009 Areál likérky R. Jelínek
Vizovice (Czechia)

Jun 19 2009 Val de Moine
Clisson (France)

Jun 5 2009 Norje Havsbad
Norje (Sweden)

Nov 8 2008 Bâtisse Industrielle
Trois-Rivières, Quebec (Canada)

Sep 21 2008 CLUB CITTA'
Kawasaki (Japan)

Sep 20 2008 CLUB CITTA'
Kawasaki (Japan)

May 13 2003 The Odeon
Cleveland, Ohio (United States of America)

Apr 25 2003 Rialto Theatre
Tucson, Arizona (United States of America)

Apr 24 2003 Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, Arizona (United States of America)

Jun 11 2000 Le Bleu Est Noir
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Mar 22 2000 La Laiterie
Strasbourg (France)

Mar 21 2000 Binario Zero
Milan (Italy)

Mar 15 2000 E-Klub
Budapest (Hungary)

Mar 8 2000 Markthalle
Hamburg (Germany)

Dec 12 1999 Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California (United States of America)

Dec 11 1999 Big Shots
Roseville, California (United States of America)

Dec 8 1999 Satyricon
Portland, Oregon (United States of America)

Oct 28 1999 Babylonia
Ponderano (Italy)

Sep 4 1999 Le Medley
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jul 31 1998 Backstage Club
Munich (Germany)

Apr 22 1998 Les Foufounes Électriques
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Sep 4 1994 Phoenix
Chicoutimi, Quebec (Canada)

Aug 27 1994 Quartier Latin
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jan 25 1994 Avalon
Chicago, Illinois (United States of America)

Nov 6 1993 The Limelight
New York, New York (United States of America)

Nov 4 1993 Café Campus
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Oct 27 1993 The Bottleneck
Lawrence, Kansas (United States of America)

Oct 18 1993 Kennel Club
San Francisco, California (United States of America)

Sep 26 1993 The Bayou
Washington, District of Columbia (United States of America)

Sep 24 1993 Fast Lane
Asbury Park, New Jersey (United States of America)