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I'm not afraid when you talk
I can't believe in your money
So we take you by the force
I'm ready to deal today
Suck, suck your bone
Look with fear I'm not alone
Fuck, fuck your soul
We're gonna kidnap and haul
I say go to hell one more time
You don't care for the group
We're gonna rape your child
Watch out here comes the troop

Why don't you believe on it
You know what we want
Go shit! I'm not a fish
We're gonna burn your home
Number of times played live


Most recent performance

May 14, 1987

The Token Lounge
Westland, Michigan

Live performances

May 14 1987 The Token Lounge
Westland, Michigan (United States of America)

Nov 30 1985 Le Paladium
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Aug 21 1985 Vieux-Port de Montréal
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Feb 8 1985 Le Vélodrome
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 21 1984 L'auditorium De La Polyvalente
Saguenay, Quebec (Canada)

Nov 7 1984 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jan 27 1984 Centre Culturel
Jonquière, Quebec (Canada)