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Masters Of Rock 09'

Released in 2009


Edguy - Dead Of Rock
Edguy - Speedhoven
Rage - Set This World On Fire
Rage - All I Want
Rage - Soundchaser
Europe - Last Look At Eden
Stratovarius - Deep Unknown
Stratovarius - Winter Skies
Korpiklaani - Vodka
Deathstars - Blood Stains Blondes
Shaman - Here I Am
Shaman - Tribal By Blood
Axxis - Tales Of Glory Island
Tiamat - Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again
Voivod - Tribal Convictions
The Sorrow - Day Of The Lord
Crucified Barbara - My Heart Is Black
Legion Of The Damned - Sons Of The Jackal
Fleret - Ovečky Zaběhnuté