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Second Kickstarter campaign for the post-production of "We Are Connected"

March 22nd, 2024

Canadian prog-metal band VOIVOD has launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at financing the post-production phase of their highly anticipated documentary film, "We Are Connected." Fans are able to support the project through purchasing limited-edition shirts featuring exclusive, never-before-seen artwork by Away.

Teaming up with acclaimed metal film director Felipe Belalcázar, known for his exceptional work on the critically acclaimed "Death By Metal" documentary, VOIVOD is poised to deliver an authentic and captivating portrayal of their illustrious career. With filming and editing now complete, the band is calling upon their loyal fanbase to help them cross the finish line and bring their vision to life on the big screen. Felipe notes, "thanks to your unwavering support, we've reached a significant milestone in the journey towards completing 'We Are Connected.' Now, as we delve into the crucial post-production phase, we invite you to be part of this historic endeavour."

In return for support, VOIVOD is offering limited-edition T-shirts featuring iconic artwork by Away, in collaboration with Felipe Belalcázar. By backing the campaign, supporters not only contribute to the realisation of the documentary but also secure an original piece of VOIVOD lore for themselves, cementing their place in music history.

Having garnered widespread acclaim for his previous works, Felipe brings his expertise to the table, ensuring that VOIVOD's documentary will resonate with audiences worldwide.

Join VOIVOD on their journey as they celebrate decades of innovation, resilience, and artistic brilliance. Back the Kickstarter campaign today and become a part of metal history.

To contribute and secure your piece of VOIVOD history, visit