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Struggling through this
Disturbing life
Surviving is
The only way
To understand
The reasons why
Each of us live
Riding the blind
Tension will pull
You down beneath
Way underground
You shall remain
Using your soul
Dying to breathe
Nothing to say
No one to blame
I've always been
Slightly confused
All things appear
Doomed in a way
Whispering voice
Is this the end?
My only fate
Tormented, down
Tormented, down
Upside down reality
I can't hide anxiety
Say goodbye to sanity
Upside down reality
Nombre de performances en concert


Performance la plus récente

19 May 1996

Jaxx Nightclub
Springfield, Virginia

Performances en concert

19 May 1996 Jaxx Nightclub
Springfield, Virginia (United States of America)

18 May 1996 Twisters
Richmond, Virginia (United States of America)

11 May 1996 Bernard's Pub
St. Louis, Missouri (United States of America)

30 Apr 1996 Moody's Lounge
Portland, Oregon (United States of America)

24 Apr 1996 University of Regina Student's Union
Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)

24 Jan 1996 Zappa's
Saint John, Nouveau Brunswick (Canada)

23 Jan 1996 The Old Cosmo Complex
Moncton, Nouveau Brunswick (Canada)

17 Nov 1995 Die Röhre
Stuttgart (Germany)