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I'm a pirate of the modern age
And for some I'm the worst of renegades
Chasing hearts of gold

I'm a thief cruising the seven seas
But nothing compares to what I've see
One day on an island

The treasure I've found in your eyes

I'm the captain of the Roaming Souls
I am lost and my boat is getting old
Alone I'm a ghost

I'm a mad sailor stucked at the port
Drunken singing, sitting on the docks
I'm drawing a map

The treasure I've found in your eyes

All the diamonds out of this world
All the precious stones dug from earth

I must do something or you'll be found
I must do something or you'll be gone

Maybe someone knows the secret
Maybe someone knows how to get

The treasure I've found in your eyes
Nombre de performances en concert


Performance la plus récente

Club Soda
Montreal, Québec

Performances en concert

Club Soda
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

13 sept. 2009 José Cuervo Salón
Mexico City (Mexico)

John Dee
Oslo (Norway)

Club Teatria
Oulu (Finland)

25 juil. 2009 Huerto de la rueda
Murcia (Spain)

17 juil. 2009 Impérial de Québec
Quebec City, Québec (Canada)

12 juil. 2009 Areál likérky R. Jelínek
Vizovice (Czechia)

11 juil. 2009 Hala Wisły Kraków
Kraków (Poland)

3 juil. 2009 Scène Molson Dry
Saint-Éphrem-de-Beauce, Québec (Canada)

26 juin 2009 Messegelände
Balingen (Germany)

18 juin 2009 Nouveau Casino
Paris (France)

5 juin 2009 Norje Havsbad
Norje (Sweden)