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Violence overdose
Broadcast coast to coast
Blood drools on the screen
Dare to watch that scene
Carcasses showcase
Sitcom of depraved
Win & gun sweepstake

And I hope I can find
An image or a sign
The reasons why I'm blind
Don't you just red my mind
So I hope I can find
The know-how and the time
To read between the lines
Red my mind, red my mind

In ware zone at school
Learning to be cruel
Then on the way home
Face what scares the most
Rival gang members
Junkies and dealers
Hookers and killers
Mom, dad and sisters

The only way
It's sad to say
To stay alive
Don't close your eyes
Don't close your eyes

Yeah I grew up
With all that stuff
There is a toy
I still want to enjoy
It has to stop
I have enough
I'm gonna try this
Around the block
I'm gonna try this

Triple life sentence
Triple death nonsense
I used to be good
Now I'm bad for good
For good