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Inner Combustion

Crucible heats up
Arsening, mercury
And acid concoct
Hermetic theory
Hydrogen vapours
Exclusion principle
It's never over
For ever practical

And I try
Throughout time
Any rite
For the sign

Light rebounds
Pure neon
I surround
All am I, I am all
Fluorescent light
Pellucid mineral
Essential dogma
Excludes the logical
Immobile centre
One, two, three for nothing
Projection ponder
Under a raven's wing
Catalyst fusion
Inner combustion
A transmutation
For I am all

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Performance la plus récente

30 May 2021

RadicArt Recording Studio
Québec, Québec

Performances en concert

30 May 2021 RadicArt Recording Studio
Québec, Québec (Canada)

13 Oct 2017 Truckstop Alaska
Gothenburg (Sweden)

10 Oct 2017 Stara Piwnica
Wrocław (Poland)

6 Oct 2017 Rockstadt
Brașov (Romania)

4 Oct 2017 Room 041@ Dürer Kert
Budapest (Hungary)

2 Oct 2017 Uljanik
Pula (Croatia)

29 Sep 2017 Benicio Live Gigs
Giavera del Montello (Italy)

27 Sep 2017 Freakout Club
Bologna (Italy)

9 Sep 2017 Katacombes
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

19 Jun 2017 Turock
Essen (Germany)

17 Jun 2017 The Doghouse
Nottingham (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

15 Jun 2017 Riverside
Newcastle (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

8 Jun 2017 LOGO
Hamburg (Germany)

16 Nov 2016 Audio
Glasgow (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

13 Nov 2016 Fleece
Bristol (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

10 Nov 2016 L'Athanor
Albi (France)

9 Nov 2016 Bikini
Barcelona (Spain)

2 Nov 2016 Orto bar
Ljubljana (Slovenia)

29 Oct 2016 Progresja
Warsaw (Poland)

23 Aug 2016 Dynamo Werk 21
Zurich (Switzerland)

15 Aug 2016 Klub Hydrozagadka
Warsaw (Poland)

10 Aug 2016 Beta
Copenhagen (Denmark)

23 Jul 2016 Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
Mexico City (Mexico)

10 Jun 2016 Dante's
Portland, Oregon (United States of America)

8 Jun 2016 Slim's
San Francisco, California (United States of America)

2 Jun 2016 Whisky A Go Go
West Hollywood, California (United States of America)

1 Jun 2016 Brick By Brick
San Diego, California (United States of America)

5 Mar 2016 This Ain't Hollywood
Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

29 Feb 2016 Zanzabar
Louisville, Kentucky (United States of America)

27 Feb 2016 The Waiting Room Lounge
Omaha, Nebraska (United States of America)

25 Feb 2016 The Metal Grill
Cudahy, Wisconsin (United States of America)

23 Feb 2016 The Southgate House Revival
Newport, Kentucky (United States of America)

21 Feb 2016 Hell @ The Masquerade
Atlanta, Georgia (United States of America)

19 Feb 2016 West End Trading Company
Sanford, Florida (United States of America)

13 Feb 2016 Black Cat
Washington, District of Columbia (United States of America)

25 Jul 2015 Tide & Boar Gastropub
Moncton, Nouveau Brunswick (Canada)

30 May 2015 Covent Garden
Éragny (France)

28 May 2015 Legend Club
Milan (Italy)

22 May 2015 De Helling
Utrecht (Netherlands)

20 May 2015 The Underworld
London (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

25 Feb 2015 Summit Music Hall
Denver, Colorado (United States of America)

18 Feb 2015 Studio Seven
Seattle, Washington (United States of America)

14 Feb 2015 The Republik
Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

7 Feb 2015 The Palladium
Worcester, Massachusetts (United States of America)

5 Feb 2015 Mavericks
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

4 Feb 2015 The Opera House
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

3 Feb 2015 Union Transfer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America)

29 Jan 2015 Heaven @ The Masquerade
Atlanta, Georgia (United States of America)

24 Oct 2014 Emo's
Austin, Texas (United States of America)

12 Oct 2014 Katacombes
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

24 May 1991 Backstreet
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

17 May 1990 Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

16 May 1990 Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

14 May 1990 Forum de Montréal
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

13 May 1990 Colisée de Québec
Quebec City, Québec (Canada)

30 Mar 1990 La Coudée
Rimouski, Québec (Canada)

12 Mar 1990 Kalamazoo State Theatre
Kalamazoo, Michigan (United States of America)

11 Feb 1990
Dallas, Texas (United States of America)

8 Feb 1990 Numbers
Houston, Texas (United States of America)

7 Feb 1990 Tipitina's
New Orleans, Louisiana (United States of America)

4 Feb 1990 Summers on the Beach
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (United States of America)

3 Feb 1990 The Cuban Club
Tampa, Florida (United States of America)

22 Jan 1990 Trocadero Theatre
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America)

21 Jan 1990 Paradise Rock Club
Boston, Massachusetts (United States of America)

15 Jan 1990 Bogart's
Cincinnati, Ohio (United States of America)

14 Jan 1990 Vic Theatre
Chicago, Illinois (United States of America)

13 Jan 1990 Saint Andrew's Hall
Detroit, Michigan (United States of America)

10 Jan 1990 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

9 Nov 1989 Musique Plus
Montreal, Québec (Canada)