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Tunnel seems so long
Touching the bottom
A slim reflexion
Punctured my vision
I didn't notice
Beside the last door
Standing on nothing
There was a mirror

Even inside... scrutinized
I am, he is, the face I hate
Refracting cells and prismed self
Who's X who's y in a blank place
I can't believe this is my image
Like the mirror without a frame

Baring a scarred side
Open in daylight
Recoil and reply
Farside of my pride
The introspection
Ruptures the blood core
Draws out the mirror
Seeking me out
What will he find?

I am, he is, a repugnant state
I can't shake this curiosity
My privacy starts to fade
I can't believe this is my image
Like the mirror

A polar exchange
He gloating over my fleeting image
He used to be me
He knows who is free
How long will I wait... here
Stuck in this void place... here
I can't believe I am the immage
Within the mirror
Into the chrome lake
The glass is broken
But I look the same
Nombre de performances en concert


Performance la plus récente

30 May 2021

RadicArt Recording Studio
Québec, Québec

Performances en concert

30 May 2021 RadicArt Recording Studio
Québec, Québec (Canada)

30 Mar 1990 La Coudée
Rimouski, Québec (Canada)

12 Mar 1990 Kalamazoo State Theatre
Kalamazoo, Michigan (United States of America)

11 Mar 1990 Mabel's
Champaign, Illinois (United States of America)

5 Mar 1990 Mississippi Nights
St. Louis, Missouri (United States of America)

4 Mar 1990 The Shadow
Kansas City, Missouri (United States of America)

11 Feb 1990
Dallas, Texas (United States of America)

8 Feb 1990 Numbers
Houston, Texas (United States of America)

7 Feb 1990 Tipitina's
New Orleans, Louisiana (United States of America)

4 Feb 1990 Summers on the Beach
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (United States of America)

3 Feb 1990 The Cuban Club
Tampa, Florida (United States of America)

22 Jan 1990 Trocadero Theatre
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America)

21 Jan 1990 Paradise Rock Club
Boston, Massachusetts (United States of America)

19 Jan 1990 The Ritz
New York, New York (United States of America)

15 Jan 1990 Bogart's
Cincinnati, Ohio (United States of America)

14 Jan 1990 Vic Theatre
Chicago, Illinois (United States of America)

13 Jan 1990 Saint Andrew's Hall
Detroit, Michigan (United States of America)

10 Jan 1990 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

17 Dec 1989 The Warfield
San Francisco, California (United States of America)