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We all need to spend some time away...
From earth
We all feel it's time to wash away...
That dirt

Save for your next trip to Mars
Win the chance to reach the stars
Click the link, fill your name
Check the box down below

Take your seat, enjoy your meal
Embrace the view and ask our crew
What's best…to find
Rate us on our service and trust
Send comments on your stay with us
Select space, sightseeing
It's our world down below

Nasty decay
Every way
Filthy disgrace

Look to your right, new condos on the moon
Orbital resort will be open soon
On your left are upcoming attractions
Artificial parks under construction

Building more building more buildings to build
Build more buildings more again and again…

This is the way
We have been made
There is the sky
To satisfy
Our endless needs
Billions to feed
There's no limit
Want all of it

We're all planet eaters
Are we still hungry?
We're all planet eaters

We're all planet eaters
The more we can get
We never have enough
We deserve the best

We're all planet eaters
We're all planet eaters
We're all planet eaters