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Invisible Planet

Let me out, let me out
I still have that tube in my mouth
This space coffin is now too small
The no gravity made me too tall
I'm so dirty, plants grow on me
And in this bright light, I cannot see
I need a coffee, or maybe a beer
I've been sleeping for hundreds of years

We're on our way to the very end of the universe
We'll be the future heroes and the very first
But nobody will be waiting when we come back

Something's wrong, something's wrong
Motherboard says there's something wrong
I'm wondering what could it be this time
We might have left something behind
This mission is really out of control
Black holes and death feed my soul

We are attracted by an incredible force
We're talking speeds that have never been achieved before
We are about to disappear in an endless course
And nobody can help us here, soon we'll be gone

Gamma ray
Still OK
Visual contact
In two seconds

What is it?
It looks like an invisible planet

Dead engine
No power
Are near at hand
The collision
Is imminent

What is it?
It looks like an invisible planet

This is Voivod Mark III... Emergency