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Rise up, speak loud
Move on, scream, shout
Protest, about
Whatever bullshit you're ashamed of

Lined up, stand strong
Gasmask hoods on
Contest what's wrong
Whoever scapegoat you can think of

Walk out! No thanks, I'm free
Boycott! This, not for me
Speak out! My liberty
Buy not! Hypocrisy

Drawback, retreat
Attack, defeat
We rule the streets
No matter what you have been told of

Big crowd, no fear
Big guns, smoke, tears
I stay right there
I matter to stay the whole fuckin' year

We are what you call the big majority
Majority yeah! You heard me
We use what we call the real democracy
That's why we're taking on the streets, yeah!

I've done my share
This deal's unfair
Not pleased, not scared
Got nothing to lose I can think of

I know what's right
Tonight's the night
I'll stand, I'll fight
Got something to change I have dreamed of

Behind the curtains, watch from above
Inside the towers, laughing out loud
And then the gargoyles, sitting on top
Drinking champagne, making out loud
We may just crush them, like little ants
That's how they look like, thinking out loud

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