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Budapest (HU), Dürer Kert
I was standing by the Nile
When I saw the lady smile
I would take her for a while
For a while

Light tears wept like a child
How her golden hair was blowing wild
Then she spread her wings to fly... for to fly

Soaring high above the breezes
Going always where she pleases
She will make it to the island... in the sun

I will follow in her shadow
As I watch her from my window
One day I will catch her eye

She is calling from the deep
Summoning my soul to endless sleep
She is bound to drag me down, drag me down
Nombre de performances en concert


Performance la plus récente

25 Jan 1994

Chicago, Illinois

Performances en concert

25 Jan 1994 Avalon
Chicago, Illinois (United States of America)

12 Jan 1994 Peppermint Beach Club
Virginia Beach, Virginia (United States of America)

6 Nov 1993 The Limelight
New York, New York (United States of America)

4 Nov 1993 Café Campus
Montreal, Québec (Canada)

27 Oct 1993 The Bottleneck
Lawrence, Kansas (United States of America)

18 Oct 1993 Kennel Club
San Francisco, California (United States of America)

26 Sep 1993 The Bayou
Washington, District of Columbia (United States of America)

16 Sep 1993 Flash Gordon's Nightclub
Cleveland, Ohio (United States of America)