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Memory Failure

File system crashed, rebooting your soul
No links attached, impossible load
Always remember, you're made to forget!

All vanishing precious memories
Incoherent landscape starts to freeze
Sole remaining, a stranger's mind
Your finest days are gone with time
All that is left are now and then
And foreseeing has reached the end
A rising sun defines the pace
Until the psyche lays out to waste

Collective shame, erased history
Delete the past, social disbelief
You won't remember, you'll never forget!

Mitigated, can't take position
Medicated, can't make decisions
Confused people, they dream awake
Identity is locked with chains
Ostracized by majority
Archives denied your reality
The hourglass in stasis state
The present time, eternal ache

All blown by the erosion of time
All submerged in the depths of crime
Always remember, you won't remember
All piled up in the vault of sins
All mixed up with the truth of things
You're here to forget, you'll never forget

Have we learned something?
Fast-forward years
Will we have regrets?
All disappear
Repeating the frames
Of old mistakes
Do we play the same barbaric games?

Erosion of time
In the depths of crime
In the vault of sins
With the truth of things

Blackened the names, re-write with control
Censored the phrases, remodel heroes
Will you remember what was to forget?
Your finest days are gone with time