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The World Today

In the world today
So little is made
Too much makes it wrong
We move fast along
Can't afford to pause
To fight in a cause
The time has come to search for one

Spread the news out there
For those ones who want to make it fair
Share and play that role
It's welcomed and good for art and soul

What is sad these days
Goodwill goes to waste
Useless energy
Hate and vanity
Common sense to heal
Don't fake it be real
And then become a better someone

Shout loud and clear
The power of words against all fear
Walk for dignity
Be the one who changes destiny

Involve to evolve
Sacrifice the sacred
Revalue the value
A gage to engage

And then become a better someone

Send out all good vibes
It doesn't take much for you to crack a smile
Spend your life to live
To make some room and give ways to give

Seek out, reach out

Movements keep moving
Ideal in the ideas
Feeling as if I feel like
Devote and donate