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Synchro Anarchy

Lost wheel from nowhere
Flew by, missed your head
Lightning strike on trees
One fell at your feet

Who wrote this broken law of improbability?
Who marked that crossroad as branches of destiny?
Who built a time frame for synchro anarchy?
Insert the block in there
Where it's supposed to be

What are the odds?

Big rock rolls downhill
In motion, time stands still
The very moment you decide to tie your shoe
Sequence divisions, safe for now
For this time, just an inch
A split second and you're gone!

What are the odds?
The odds we are...

The odds we are…
One single chance in a million
One close call after another

So now you end up a random survivor
The course of death stopped in sudden behaviour
Who knew what you were just about to get
Nobody could tell nothing happened yet

What are the odds?

Lost wheel from nowhere
Flew by, missed your head