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Knuckletracks XLIX

Released in 2003


Voivod - Rebel Robot
Old Man's Child - Sacrifice Of Vengeance
God Dethroned - Enemy Of The State
Caliban - Forsaken Horizon
Evergrey - Blinded
Pharaoh - After The Fire
Stratovarius - Eagle Heart
Black Label Society - Stoned & Drunk
Sinner - There Will Be Execution
Dream Evil - Break The Chains
Core Device - Torn From Within
Precipice - Degeneration
Funeral Fog - Order Of The Dragon
Sombre Nostalgie - Hommage Aux Noirs
Genocide Superstars - Hatestomp
Infernal Method - Reanimating The Wicked
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - We Are Power
X-Sister Z - Kill The Rest