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Mercury June 1998 Sales Sampler

Released in 1998


Ringo Starr - LaDe Da
Lucinda Williams - Right On Time
James - Laid
Emm Gryner - Summerlong
Emmo Reiss - Boom By Yae
Debby Schwartz - Never Come Down
Baha Men - Double Lovin'
Era - Ameno
Lionel Richie - Time
Sonia Dada - Don't Go (Giving Your Love Away)
Galactic - Go Go
Wasis Diop - My Son
Voivod - Mercury
Icos - Down
The Sabres Of Paradise - Tow Truck
Tami Davis - How Do I Say I'm Sorry
Angelique - Number
Crumb - Tonighy
Tom Freund - 27
Sunz Of Man - Shining Star