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Batman Theme

Appears on

Number of times played live


Most recent performance

Nov 21, 1995

Reggio nell'Emilia

Live performances

Nov 21 1995 Mafia
Reggio nell'Emilia (Italy)

Dec 23 1988 The Ritz
New York, New York (United States of America)

Dec 21 1988 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 20 1988 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Dec 16 1988 The Excelsior Mill
Atlanta, Georgia (United States of America)

Dec 10 1988 Axiom
Houston, Texas (United States of America)

Dec 3 1988 Fender's Ballroom
Long Beach, California (United States of America)

Nov 18 1988 Blondies
Detroit, Michigan (United States of America)

Nov 11 1988 L'Amour
Brooklyn, New York (United States of America)

Nov 10 1988 Sundance
Bay Shore, New York (United States of America)

Nov 9 1988 Anthrax
Norwalk, Connecticut (United States of America)

Nov 8 1988 The Channel
Boston, Massachusetts (United States of America)

Nov 6 1988 City Gardens
Trenton, New Jersey (United States of America)

Dec 1 1987 Rex Club
Paris (France)

Nov 27 1987 Scum
Katwijk aan Zee (Netherlands)

Nov 21 1987 Knopf's Music Hall
Hamburg (Germany)

Sep 19 1987 Ildiko's
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Sep 6 1987 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Jul 31 1987 Place Nikitoutagan
Saguenay, Quebec (Canada)

Oct 11 1986 Le Spectrum
Montreal, Quebec (Canada)